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Our live recorded cast album of Anastasia is online on Spotify! here.


Tessa will play the leading role of the Russian tsar daughter Anya Romanov in the musical Anastasia, produced by Stage Entertainment.This Broadway success will start in September 2019 in the Circustheater at Scheveningen, the Netherlands. More information: here.


In 2019 Tessa will be part of the cast of the Production "Best of Broadway" with Pia Douwes, Willemijn Verkaik, Stanley Burleson and Freek Bartels! This production tours throughout the Netherlands in May and June. More information: hier.


After the musical production Tarzan in Germany, in which Tessa played the leading role Jane very successfully, she participated as a soloist at various Concerts in Germany. More news will follow soon!


From November 2016 Tessa will play the role 'Jane' First Cast in the Disney musical ‘Tarzan’ in Germany (Oberhausen) produced by Stage Entertainment. The role of Tarzan will be played by Alexander Klaws, Anton Zetterholm and the Broadway Star Josh Strickland.


This summer Tessa will join the DisneyChannelSummerTour 2015 to see through whole of Belgium and also once in the Netherlands, Almere on 29 August.


27 May 2015 Tessa will be a guest singer in Berlin, Germany. This summer she will give several performances in Belgium. More information soon in the calendar.


Saturday, 25-10-2014 Tessa will perform with the orchestra 'CMV Crescendo Drachten'. The concert will take place in the 'Oase, Ringweg 3 in Drachten. More information: here.


Watch Tessa singing live LET IT GO during her One Woman Solo concert as Main Stage Star Attraction on the Disney Magic, May 2014: here


Tessa will be part of the cast of the sixth edition ' Musicals Gone Mad’. This musical will be played 22 and 23 June 2014 in the New Luxor Theater in Rotterdam. Musicals Gone Mad combines all the shows of the past season to one feature-length, hilarious performance. More information: here.


Tessa will be the first European who will give a ‘One Woman Solo Show’ as a ‘Main Stage Star Attraction’ on the Disney Cruise Ship 'Disney Magic' during the Transatlantic cruise in May and September 2014.


Tessa has won the Musicalworld Award in the category 'Best breakthrough 2013’ for her starring role Ariel from the musical 'Little Marmaid’ of Disney Theatre Productions and Stage Entertainment NL. Watch on You Tube: here.


22, 23 and 24 november will Tessa perform with pop/musical and Christmas repertoire during a big Christmas event in Nieuw Vennep! More info on times and location: here.


Tessa is nominated at the website ‘Musicalworld’ as best newcomer for her part ‘Ariel’ in the musical 'Little Mermaid’ produced by Joop van den Ende Theatre and Disney Theatrical Productions.


After nearly 400 shows, July 7 2013 Tessa has played the last time the lead ‘Ariel’ in the Disney musical ‘Little Mermaid’, produced by Joop van den Ende Theatre and Disney Theatrical Productions. She played this role over a very successful year with only positive reviews from the press and the audience. Review (Dutch) and final applause video of the last performance: here.


In June 2013 Tessa was special guest during a big musical concert in Germany. You can watch 2 videos of this concert (amateur video!) at the page: VIDEO


Tessa Sunniva has opened the Teyleysmuseum's (Haarlem, Netherland) exposition 'A sea full of mermaids' with a song. The exposition can be visited from May 25th until September 15th.


Queens day, 30 april 2013 Tessa performed at the ‘Museumplein’ in Amsterdam. You want to see it back , watch: here


Tomorrow on Queens day, Tessa will perform about 12.00 o’clock at the ‘Museumplein’ in Amsterdam.


This month there is an article about Tessa in the glamor magazine Beau Monde.


Since May 2012, Tessa stars in the leading role of 'Ariel' in the highly successful Disney musical 'The Little Mermaid' produced by Joop van den Ende Theater Productions. She will play this role until the end of the production!The musical 'The Little Mermaid' can be seen now exclusively at the Beatrix Theatre in Utrecht. More information can be found at: www.musicals.nl.


Merry Christmas to everybody and a Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your interest and messages! I really appreciate that. 2012 was a very special year for me. I got the leading role 'Ariel' of the Disney musical 'The Little Mermaid' produced by Stage Entertyainment. The musical is because the great success extended to July 2013! So I hope to see you there! Love Tessa. You can watch one of my christmas videos: here


Monday,10 December 2012 Tessa will be guest during the live TV show 'Koffietijd'. She will sing too.


2 December 2012 the Musical 'The Little Mermaid' played the 200th show, with Tessa in the leading rol as 'Ariel'.


Accompanied by the Metropole Orchestra Tessa and Juan Wells performed together with the cast of the musical The Little Mermaid a medley of the songs Part of your World and Under The Sea at the Musical Sing a-long in Amsterdam. Watch on You Tube: here


Saturday, June 16, 2012 the international premiere of the Disney musical 'The Little Mermaid' with Tessa starring role 'Ariel' took place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It is the latest musical by Joop van den Ende Theatre Productions. Cast and crew received nothing but excellent comments! The press also highly commended the musical. ‘Magical Underwater World, Tessa is a real Disney princess’ 4 stars! (Volkskrant) ‘Tessa Sunniva fascinated the audience with her amazing voice’ (Sp!ts) ‘Superb costumes, beautiful colors and elegant trapeze acts’ (Telegraph) 'Tessa perhaps is the revelation of this musical season. She's only 20 years old, but proves that in such shows without screaming musical mannerisms, you simply can sing beautiful'.(GPD)


On June 16, 2012 the Disney musical 'The Little Mermaid' with Tessa in the lead as Ariel will experience its international premiere in Rotterdam. The brand new Tony Award winners Alan Menken and Bob Crowley will also be present at this international premiere.


Watch the first advertising video with Tessa in the the lead 'Ariel' of the Disney musical ‘Little Mermaid’, produced by Joop van den Ende Theater Productions and Disney: here


Yesterday was the press presentation for the The Little Mermaid Musical. Stage Entertainment (who do major musicals in Europe like all Disney shows, Phantom, Sister Act ect) bought the rights for The Little Mermaid show in Holland. Tessa will play the lead 'Ariel' in this Disney musical. Watch a video impression of the press presentation: here


You can watch a video about the first photoshoot with Tessa as Ariel and Tommy Christiaan as prins Eric in the up comming musical The Little Mermaid: www.musicals.nl.


Tessa will play the lead 'Ariel' in the Disney musical Little Mermaid. This musical will be produced by Joop van den Ende Theater Productions. Disney's The Little Mermaid is to see from may 2012 in all large theaters of the Netherlands. More information you can find here www.musicals.nl.


Merry Christmas to everybody and a Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your interest and messages! I really appreciate that. Next year will be a special year for me with a very new challenge. I hope I can tell you more in Febuary. Until then enjoy the holidays!!! Love Tessa. A song for you: here


Tessa was guest during the TV program 'Telekids'. 29-11 and 30-11 it will be broadcasted at RTL8.


In addition to singing Tessa is also busy with presentation for the regional Television. You can watch a video: here and: here


Performance during festival in Gouda


Friday,17-06 Tessa will be guest in Volendam at the radio program PatrickEnzo on L.O.V.E Radio. http://www.rtvlove.nl/. Any questions for Tessa during this show? Mail to studio@patrickenzo.nl or ask on Twitter @patrickenzo.


Tessa wrote a few new songs. She recorded them in her home studio. The You Tube video of the previews you can watch here


A new You Tube video of Tessa you can watch here Very soon she will put some previews of the(pop)songs she has written by herself on You Tube. So please come back!


From now on you can book Tessa exclusive by SONY MUSIC BOOKINGS. More information: hier


Sturday and Sunday Tessa is special guest together with Rev'n Ros in the TV Show 'KiDs ToP 20'.


20th of november Tessa will perform next to Nick&Simon en George Baker during in Lions Club Charityconcert in Rijnsburg. Locatie: Laan van Verhof 3, Flora Holland Rijnsburg . Tickets: Rabobank │ Toerkoop Reisburo Jansen De Katwijkse Apotheek │ Bottelier │ www.lionsrijnsburg.nl


Tessa will perform from 20 october until 27 october on Lego World Zwolle.


On September 15, 2010 , the new single of Tessa 'LOSING MY MIND‘ will be released. This single is available for download on all major download portals. Losing My Mind is a great international sounding upbeat song. Therefore it is no wonder that this song is selected by the game makers 'Crystal Games' to be the theme song to the PlayStation game ‘Snake Warriors Training’. This game is released in whole Europe, Australia , New Zealand , Russia , Saudi Arabia , South Africa and even in the U.S. soon ! Listen to a preview: here


Tessa’s voice shines in a international game trailer. Crystal Games has published a gameplay trailer today with the song “Losing My Mind” that is performed by Tessa as a soundtrack. The trailer contains content of Snake Warriors: Training, a game that has been released in 26 countries all over the world for the PlayStation. Watch the trailer: here


The 'Making of' of the music video 'Lipstick' is now online . Watch the video (subtitled in English): here


Friday ,18 June Tessa will be guest in the online TV show 'Egotrip' of BNN in Hilversum. Watch online : here


Saturday, June 5 Tessa is special guest by V-Radio in Hilversum. You can listen: here


Tomorrow, Sunday May 16 Tessa's guest in the TV show 'Karaoke Kids' of the Tros. Watch Sunday, May 16 at 8:15 pm on Z @ PP, Ned.3. More information here: hier Repeated on Saturday, May 22 at 15:00 Z @ PP, Ned.3.


29 April 2010 Tessa is awarded in the Haarlemmermeer with a silver pin and Dick Trom statue. She received this award for her dedicated service during the two year period as a youth ambassador of the Haarlemmermeer.


There is a new video blog from the release party for Lipstick online. Scroll down and look under: Newest video blog


The new single of Tessa 'Lipstick' has entered the Top 100. Also 'Lipstick' entered place 7 in the Kids Top 20.


New You Tube videos ,live recordings from the release party of 5/2/2010 and the TV report of Tessa's performances during the trip to Hodmezovasarhely, Hungary in October 2009 are now at: VIDEO


After a successful release party you can download the new single 'Lipstick' everywhere. Lipstick is also released as a physical single, along with a bonus track of a song written by Tessa and a film of the "Making of video" of the clip. More information, how to download or to buy the single on the right sight of this home page under : Newest single.


Febuary 5, the official release of Tessa's new single 'Lipstick' will take place.This will be also a physical single, along with a bonus track of a song written by Tessa herself and a film of the "Making of video" of the clip.


Tessa is the only Dutch artist who managed this year to secure a place in the top 10 of Christmas Video's of the music channel TMF. Tessa wishes everyone a merry christmas and an amazing 2010. A video greeting can be found here.


You can watch a new Video blog about Tessa's journey to Oslo, Norway where she recorded two new singles. One of the singles will be released in January 2010. Watch the video (subtitled in English): here


'Meer Television' made a TV reportage about the performances of Tessa in Hungary. View the reportage (with subtitles in English)here.


New photos online of the very successful performances of Tessa in Hungary, October 2009.


Sunday ,18 october Tessa will be special guest in the TV show 'Karaoke Kids'on Ned.3 More information here: hier


Tessa has just returned from Hungary where she has given some very successful performances. Next week she will travel to Oslo for recording of two new singles. The release of the next single will be early / mid January 2010 .


End of September 2009 Tessa will travel to Hungary together with a 40 man delegation of the Haarlemmermeer. She will give a big pop concert for the youth in Hódmezővásárhely on October 4.


After the success of the single L.O.V.E. Tessa is busy writing her new single, which is expected in early September. She will also travel this summer to Spain again, to work with an internationally wellknown producer at a few songs for her album.


The single L.O.V.E. reached first postion in the Kids Top 20 this week. Vote here: hier Thank you very much!


Tessa's single L.O.V.E. shoot up in the Top 100 this week. Her single went from position 100 to position 21.


Tessa's clip is now on TMF! Please vote here,it's free. Thank You!


The new single of Tessa L.O.V.E. is getting a lot of attention. It is almost incredible but the 3e day that the single has been released ,Tessa have already got into the Top 100.
You can order the single here: targetmusic or at all legal downloadsites: Radio 538, Q music, Zazell, 1001 Artiesten and iTunes


You can watch the new videclip of Tessa 'L.O.V.E.'here: VIDEO


The Christmas songs of Tessa in 2008 have been a large success. They have been 4 weeks in the top 100 in the Netherlands with the highest quotation on position 30. The songs were multiplely played on a lot of radio stations also in foreign countries. The videoclips have been transmitted on several national TV stations,also TMF.